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List of the Best History podcasts and books Ever!

Which are the best history books to read? Well, if you are a lover of reading historical facts, then you just stumbled upon the post that will guide you! Usually, history is one of the most entertaining reads and discussions, isn’t it? History will equip you with the knowledge needed to make sound decisions and think critically. Today, scholars in every field have a glimpse of history to ensure that they are able to understand the situations of people who came before them and seek inspiration to solve modern challenges. Is there anyone really who wouldn’t love to know about the scientific methodologies applied by people in the past and ancient civilizations? I’m pretty sure you want to know the best history books to read!

The English culture and history

One of the most important topics to explore in your study is about the English. You need to know why their language is so popular around the world and how they survived through the ages. Again, learn the challenges that these people faced before they got to their current status. Oh, plus if you ever care why they have a Queen and King in charge, then you really should visit this book. Get a well-crafted book in British English- sorry to heartbreak you, the original English is the British. Everything else has been adapted to suit different people around the world. As at now, you should already be looking for the best history books to read about the English and their values.

History books about the ancient Rome

Another topic that you need to read widely about is the ancient Roman Empire. The Roman empire is one of the most sought after ancient civilization and everyone wants to know how these people acted and what led to their fall. Millions of people around the world tour the Italy and the countries surrounding it to just have an eye on the remains of the civilization. However, you can read about the place and you will have a better picture. And, this will actually make you better at grasping the situation of the past than anyone who would visit there a million times. You see, reading gives you finer details of situations but visiting the pace relives the imagination. Which is better?

The scientific revolution

Many people commit the mistake (crime?) of thinking that only men took part in the scientific, industrial and technological revolution. History books prove for a fact that women, too, played a significant role in rewriting the technological advancement we have today. You will get this better if you find books about the women who changed science and you will not regret. Have time to read about Marie Curie whose scientific findings we still treasure today. Don’t forget about Rosalind Franklin whose DNA work is unforgettable, or Ada Lovelace, the powerful mathematician.

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